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Aloha from Hawaii Surfing Academy

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

We provide Hawaii Surf Lessons for the beginner surfer of all ages! We are an Oahu surf school and we offer all equipment included, surfing lessons with free photos and videos and drone videos to capture the moments of your experience!

Surfing Lessons are a lot of fun. We welcome you to the wonderful experience of Hawaii Surfing! We have the best Oahu surf lessons at an affordable price! Our surfing lessons are fun, safe and professional!

Class starts with first booking your surfing lesson and upon registering a confirmation email will be sent to you regarding the meetup location! The confirmation email also shows a photo of our Hawaii Surfing Academy surf van! You are required to bring your towel, sunscreen, swimsuit (no dress type please). We have rash guards for everyone and leggings for the ladies! Feel free to bring your own attire!

After you are prepared for your Hawaii surf lesson, then we do a small training on the beach, so we know what to do in the ocean and practice our surf stance! Things change along the course because sometimes students have muscle memory from other activities, for example yoga! Yoga students tend to keep their front foot straight which is the wrong way to stand on the surfboard after catching a wave, because the student riding the wave will not have balance left and right!

After a little training it’s time to enter the ocean! If you have a history of becoming seasick then please take your dramamine or motion sickness bracelet! Once in the ocean and after we have practiced turning the surfboard around then we will start catching waves! Don’t forget to smile for the camera! Aloha until next time!


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